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Huawei se quiere adelantar a todos los fabricantes de smartphones en México y ha anunciado su primer producto que llega de forma oficial en este año. Hablamos del nuevo Huawei Y9 () que se anuncio el pasado mes de octubre. El smartphone llegará a México de la mano de Telcel a un precio de 5, pesos. Sin embargo, habrá una preventa Author: Rodrigo Garrido. Market share of smartphones in Mexico in , Share of mobile phone users that use a smartphone in South Korea from to ; Number of smartphone users in Mexico . Una gran pantalla perforada sin bordes y una cámara de 48 megapíxeles, el nuevo móvil del fabricante chino muestra claramente las ambiciones de la marca en El View20 es un smartphone Author: Daniel Calvo.

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For tech enthusiasts, was a great year as it was a year of innovative smartphones. All the companies are going for bezel-less smartphones with highest possible screen-to-body ratio and to achieve that they are doing almost everything.

We have seen big, small, teardrop notches as well as slider design and pop-up selfie smartphones en mexico 2019. Some smartphone makers have also gone for punch hole design with their flagship smartphones. The companies are also doing great in terms of the under-display fingerprint sensor.

Just a year back it was a demo but now almost every flagship smartphones are adopting it. Finally, we are able to witness the futuristic foldable phones. Anyway, smartphones en mexico 2019, we are here to discuss the top upcoming smartphones of and also So we will skip the smartphones which have already launched this year and will focus on the upcoming smartphones of this year.

The midrange segment smartphones are getting better day by day and some of them are coming with flagship specifications like Poco F1. Further, faster processors, more RAM smartphones en mexico 2019 of course even better battery life that will make your laptop blush are all in store. We hope with time the upcoming mobiles especially midrange segment will get more and more powerful specs. Anyway, we are here to talk about the best upcoming smartphones in OnePlus 7 is expected to come with a whole new hardware improvement which will include a 6.

The device will also feature triple rear cameras. Google Pixel 3 series was announced in October last year. Rumors have already started to surface for this smartphones en mexico 2019. It is also heard that Google is working on an affordable smartphone series called Google Pixel 3 Lite.

This year Google Pixel 4 is expected to adopt the punch hole design of Galaxy S10 series instead of the notch. Reports also say that Google Pixel 4 will finally go for dual rear cameras and ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner.

Nokia 9 PureView is a smartphone smartphones en mexico 2019 specific for camera-centric persons as this phone comes with 5 rear cameras which can capture magnificent bokeh pictures. Anyway, the device has already been announced at MWC in Barcelona. We have already started getting rumors and leaks on Nokia 10 as well. A concept video has been surfaced a few weeks back which shows a bezel-less display with two rear cameras at the back.

The concept design looks a lot like Lumia Nokia 10 is expected to feature a 5. A year back we discussed the foldable smartphones here but now they are real. Samsung and Huawei have launched their foldable smartphones at MWC this year. Both the smartphones come with a different design but they come with a similar price tag which is very high. Back in January, Xiaomi officially teased that they are also working on a foldable smartphone and also showed a video demo of the smartphone, smartphones en mexico 2019.

If you are looking for the best upcoming smartphones then Samsung is the best company to look at, smartphones en mexico 2019. The company is launching back to back high-end phones which are best in all segments. Instead of going for a notch Samsung has implemented punch hole design on Galaxy S10 to place the front-facing cameras.

The design looks a lot better than regular notches. The upcoming Galaxy Note10 is also expected to follow the same trend. In the camera department, Samsung can still do wonders.

We hope with Galaxy Note10, Samsung will be able to provide us much better pictures with their triple rear camera setup. Xiaomi had a great year with smartphones. With their generic lineup smartphones, they have also launched a new flagship smartphone called Pocophone F1 which was one of the most powerful and popular smartphones of For the first time, people were able to buy a flagship-grade smartphone at a mid-range price.

The device is already bit old now and people are waiting for the second generation of it which will be called Pocophone F2. The device is expected to have better build quality and a better display with a teardrop notch.

So far what we have seen init was a great year for smartphones, and we have seen a hell lot of development in every aspect of the smartphone this year. Every year Samsung sets the benchmark of a flagship smartphone and this year is no exception. Since every smartphone maker companies are trying to achieve true bezel-less display and for that, they are trying everything.

Most of the companies are going for notches while some others are implementing punch holes. So we hope next year we will see much more improvement in this area, smartphones en mexico 2019.

Xiaomi is currently one of the best smartphone brands who keeps coming with some amazing smartphones at a very cheap price. The upcoming smartphone from Xiaomi, Mi 10 is going to launch next year and we expect it will come with very powerful specs.

Xiaomi has already launched Mi 9 this year which literally amazed the smartphone users all around the world. We hope next year Xiaomi will cook smartphones en mexico 2019 really good for their next upcoming smartphone. Recently few information of the Microsoft Surface Mobile is leaked online.

From the various responses, it seems that people are waiting to get it on hands. This device might launch in Q1 If you are really looking for an upcoming smartphone with super thin bezels then Xiaomi Mi Mix series the best one to look at.

Xiaomi introduced their original Mix series in and the whole industry was bound to follow their footsteps. The competition for bezel-less display is increasing day by day. We have come a long way since then and now almost every smartphone maker has adopted the bezel-less design. To achieve the bezel-less display, Xiaomi went for the sliding design. We hope this year Xiaomi will be able to provide even thinner bezels in their upcoming phone with more powerful smartphones en mexico 2019. We will also see whether Xiaomi goes for the punch hole design like Galaxy S10 series or stick to the older sliding design.

That rounds up the list. If there is any device that will be amongst the top upcoming smartphones of then it has to be one of these devices. This year we are expecting to see the upcoming flagship smartphones to have a better display, better camera, and better battery life, smartphones en mexico 2019.

We will also see some mid-range smartphones to come up with the in-screen fingerprint sensor. Contents Upcoming Smartphones of 1, smartphones en mexico 2019. OnePlus 7 2. Google Pixel 4 3. Nokia 10 PureView 4. Samsung Galaxy Note10 6. Pocophone F2 7. Xiaomi Mi10 9. Microsoft Surface Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Display 6. Display 5.


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Una gran pantalla perforada sin bordes y una cámara de 48 megapíxeles, el nuevo móvil del fabricante chino muestra claramente las ambiciones de la marca en El View20 es un smartphone Author: Daniel Calvo. Market share of smartphones in Mexico in , Share of mobile phone users that use a smartphone in South Korea from to ; Number of smartphone users in Mexico . Hemos analizado los 7 mejores smartphones de gama media de Encuentra comparaciones actualizadas y lee nuestros análisis detallados de los 7 mejores smartphones de gama media de Igualmente, en los teéfonos smartphone de calidad media podemos exigir que las prestaciones de imagen y sonido sean de calidad. El mercado suele ofrecer /5(16).